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Want! An artist calls for help from siblings


The artist and previous setting (James Hardisty)
The artist and previous setting (James Hardisty)

An artist asks volunteers to embroidered words on display clothing that will explore a living experience with epilepsy.

Clothing embroidered, from wedding dresses to men's and Victorian underwear, will be connected to a gallery ceiling with wires and programmed to move in the nervous patterns and paths that are. epilepsy related.

Artist Susan Aldworth is looking for 100 people to embroidered words for clothing for the exhibition, opening in 2020, in Newcastle.

Embroidered words (Susan Aldworth)

They will receive words to avoid personal witnesses, which are contributed by people living with epilepsy or carers.

Epilepsy, a common condition, causes constant seizures – cuts of electrical activity in the brain that affect the way in which it works temporarily.

The artist said: "One of you are the first-class embroidery or needle work as a hobby, we would love to hear from you.

"We intend to use UV sensitive yarns as well as other threads for the project as we use blue light and UV light as part of the installation, so the words they embroidered will literally shine from & The clothes. "

Embroidery work (Susan Aldworth)

The clothes will be programmed to fall to the floor before they start to move again and restore themselves in their original configuration.

Designers are put by British designers and the public, including people with epilepsy.

At Illuminating The Hunan will open at the Hatton & Vane Gallery Gallery in Newcastle in January 2020. See for details.

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