Friday , May 27 2022

Thousands of thousands in mortal distress have left and forgotten # 39;


Tens of thousands of people living under the cloud of severe mortgage calamity have been "left and forgotten" by the State and remain burdensome with shame and stress, suggesting a damaging research project and announced on Wednesday.

The House Hold project created by the Social Justice NGO Community Action Network (CAN) says that people in long-term mortgage arrears have forced to cope with a lack of legal representation, court refusal and failure from support systems the State.

He used information collected by depressed lenders in eight public information sessions held earlier this year together with a separate survey.

"People are overwhelmed by the reality they see them," said Cecilia Forrestal, chief investigator of CAN. "They can not afford legal advice and do not trust it will work for them against the strong legal representation of banks and vulture funds. They feel that they have left and missed – almost as collateral damage. past – as the country incorporates the move out of an economic crisis. "

He noted that the people were "raising families, caring for children, caring for loved ones with disabilities, and doing what they can to continue their homes" and warned that they would lose their homes to reservoirs or vulture banks " they have no other place to go and we are at great risk of adding to our homelessness crisis. "

Julie Sadlier, a lawyer who has worked with worry lenders for over 10 years, said research was the first such project to focus on "the living reality of people behind statistics and balance" and accused the Central Bank of constantly highlights the needs of banks at the expense of families at risk of losing their homes.

"Over the past 10 years, we have completely lost sight of the humanity of the situation, and because many people, because of a variety of circumstances, have no way of dealing with a bank and they are looking at losing their family home, "he said.

"It seems that State schemes that we have in place do not work either. The criteria for the mortgage-to-rent scheme do not reflect reality in the current market and the & The help intended to help people with financial and legal advice fails to raise trust. "

Legal fees

The report finds that over 70 per cent of people who find it difficult to consult with a lawyer although over 80 per cent have not had a lawyer represented in the court. Most said they were unable to afford legal fees.

The courts were described as causing threatening, difficult to understand, entertaining and incredible to a large extent of non-represented and lay offenders and in contrast to popular narratives, 72 per cent of people in mortal distress have attended court hearings in their case.

The research shows that systems established to support people in mortgage distress do not work. Almost 60 per cent said they had not participated in the Financial and Budgeting Service (MABS) while more than 90 per cent said they had not asked for a consultation with a solicitor through the Home plan.

The majority of properties at risk of occupation are long-term family homes, according to the research and just under half have one or more children, and almost a quarter have one or more people with a disability .

There are around 66,000 mortgages in arrears in Ireland, with 28,000 in arrears for more than two years. There are currently about 20,000 possession cases before the courts. Based on a minimum of four of all mortgages, CAN researchers estimate that mortgage possession affects the lives of around 250,000 people.

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