Wednesday , June 29 2022

Swim Classroom Gambling Festival In November


The Gaming Festival Festival will take place on the 24th of November at the RDS, with a number of events taking place at the event.

Four Star Pizza will be holding an actifad at the festival where they will be hosting people there in the Expo area and exhibiting a new interactive mobile platform.

Monster Energy brings the Wizzite legend, COD gaming and COD networks as well as free energy drinks throughout the day. The Gambling of the Trust provides the DGF competitors to sports with main headphones, mice and keyboards to play on the day of the event.

Marvin will also sponsor a 1,500 gambling prize pool.

The 8-Bit Conference will also be present and bring beauty, retrogaming, mascot, retail consoles, and a Mario RC Racecourse is 20ft x 20ft on your own (As can be seen on Ireland AC).

Other activities in the RDS will include VR and Escape Rooms, Virtual Simulators, community play areas, over 30 Irish foreigners, John Romero (Creator Doom), Lego play areas and exhibitions, sellers, artists, indie developers and many more.

You can buy your tickets to the Gamio Dulyn Festival here.

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