Thursday , May 19 2022

Stormzy confirmed as the first head of Glastonbury


Great achievement.

She is either the Stormzy Scholarship, winning the Ivor Novello award, releasing her autobiography Raise up and launched the edition edition with Penguin Books or now, this slot is headed in Glastonbury 2019, the #Merky the rapper is completely killed.

There has been no official announcement so far, but a poster appeared in the Oxfam shop window at Streatham who announced the big man with a beard & # 39; as the first heading, according to the Independent.

NME has also appeared to confirm the news, and repeats that Oxfam has strong charity links with the festival.

A member of staff confirmed at the Oxfam for the Independent The poster is valid and they were asked to install it inside the window by the store's control.

Stormzy will become the first artist to head the iconic festival, and deserve so, given the success of his first 2017 Gang and Prayer Signs and the cultural and social impact that he had, even outside music.

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