Thursday , May 26 2022

PIC: bugs for fans of Northern Ireland Faner Munster for a man in Balaclava


We are not sure we're seeing what's like.

The withdrawal of 0-0 at the Aviva Stadium between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland was a pretty boring issue.

Still, there was plenty to talk about the social media after a Northern Ireland fan failed to miss a Munster banner for a banner that brought a man in a balaclava – listening to old IRA images.

Jamie Bryson, who is himself a unionist operator, wrote on Twitter "So, during a night of hate and anti-British abuse of supporters of the Republic of Ireland, they also reveal a bomb of terrorism hidden. This is the country Theresa May wants a de-factor rule over Northern Ireland. "

You can see for you exactly what Bryson was referring to.

Looking familiar?

Bryson has since held his mistake and erased the tweet, writing: "Well, it seems that I have made a mistake tonight and mistakenly mistaken Munster's crest for a hidden IRA man. ; I have to laugh at that one. "

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