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J Alexanders (NYSE: JAX) and Pope John's Intelligent (NASDAQ: PZZA) are small retail / wholesale companies, but the upper stock? We will contrast both companies based on the strength of their analyst's recommendations, profitability, pricing, risk, earnings, organizational ownership and dividends.

Analyst Rate

This is an analysis of recent targets and prices for J Alexanders and Papa John's Intelligent, as stated by

Papa John's Into has a price price of consensus of $ 56.29, indicating a possible disadvantage of 0.20%. Given the likely face of the face of Papa John's Intelligence, analysts believe that Papa John's Intro is more favorable than J Alexanders.

Risk and Volatility

J Alexanders has a beta of 0.28, which means that its share price is 72% less volatile than the S & P 500. Comparedly, Papa John has Int. beta or 0.27, which means that its price shares 73% less unstable than S & P 500.

Earnings and Appreciation

This table compares revenue, earnings per share and the valuation of J Alexanders and Papa John's Int.

Papa John has revenue and higher earnings than J Alexanders. J Alexanders is trading on a lower price-to-earner ratio than Papa John's Intelligent, stating that it is currently more affordable in both stocks.

Internal and Institutional Ownership

69.8% of J Alexanders shares are owned by institutional investors. Comparedly, 82.8% of Papa John's shares are owned by institutional investors. Other people have 15.0% of J Alexanders shares. Comparedly, 31.8% of Papa John's Share shares belong to other people. Strong organizational ownership is a sign that endowments, large money managers and hedgerow funds believe that stock will perform longer than market in the long run.


Papa John pays an annual dividend of $ 0.90 per share and has a dividend of 1.6%. J Alexanders does not pay dividend. Papa John 's Into pays out 34.4% of earnings in the form of a dividend. Papa John's Intelligent has raised his dividend for 4 years in a row.


This table compares the net margins of J Alexanders and Papa John's Into, returns on equity and returns on assets.


Papa John's Into kits J Alexanders at 13% of the 16 factors compared to both stocks.

Company Profile J Alexanders

J. Alexander's Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiaries, owns and operates full service restaurants in the United States. It operates four concept of eating upscale eating, which includes J. Alexander's, Redlands Grill, Lyndhurst Grill, and Stoney River Steakhouse and Grill (Stoney River). Restaurants and companies offer an American menu. From September 19, 2018, it operated 45 restaurants in 16 countries. J. Alexander's Holdings, Inc. in 1970 and has a headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.

Company Profile Papa John

Papa John's International, Inc. operates and franchises the introduction of pizza and carrier restaurants under the trademark of Papa John in the US and internationally. It operates through five segments: Home Ownership Restaurant, North American Commissioners, North America Federation, International Operations, and Other Loss. The company also operates internal restaurants and supermarkets. On December 31, 2017, it operated 5,199 Papa John restaurants, which included 743 houses that belong to the company and 4,456 restaurants that have their franchise. The company was established in 1984 and has a headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky.

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