Monday , June 27 2022

Met Eireann issues an emergency weather warning in Ireland, and snow is expected as ‘polar front’ -CC hits


Met Eireann has warned that a “significant change” is on the way as “cold polar air weapon” could bring snow to some areas.

A nationwide weather consultant is in place until just before midnight on Saturday as “sharp to severe ice and icy stretches” are expected.

While experts also say snow could fall on lower ground later this week as cold front moves in.

A forecaster explained: “A significant change in our weather pattern will occur this week with a cold polar marine air weapon sweeping across the country. A cold front will extend south-east across Ireland on Tuesday night and will mark the start of an era cooler and more wintery obvious.

“The change in weather is caused by the amplification of the polar jet over the North Atlantic which assists in the development of a blocking high pressure system that will extend from the Azores to Greenland.

“This will allow southward polar air flooding towards Ireland and north-west Europe. However, as this cold air moves over the relatively warm North Atlantic seas, the depth of the cold will be adjusted leading to a winter mix with snow fall confined mainly to high ground., but with some snow to lower levels possible at times later this week. “

Meanwhile today there is a risk of hail in places before a frosty night, expected to only cool as the week progresses as the lows reach -4C on Thursday night.

A forecaster from Met Eireann said: “This morning, light rain lying in the east and south-east will clear early, leaving a largely dry morning with sunny spells. However, there will be flowering showers in the north West is becoming prevalent all day, some becoming heavy with the risk of hail, especially in the west Feeling cold in fresh and gusty westerly winds with highest temperatures of just 5 to 8 degrees, coldest across Ulster.

“Extensive showers will continue tonight, merging with longer periods of rainfall over the southern half of the country. Some showers will be heavy and thundery with hailstones, and becoming increasingly wintery, especially in high ground in the north Cold with the lowest temperatures of 0 to 3 degrees in moderate winds in the southwest.

“A very cold day tomorrow with widespread heavy showers in the morning. Showers will gradually be confined to the western half of the country throughout the morning, with drier and brighter conditions developing elsewhere. There will be a risk of hail and thunder some showers dropping like high rainfall The temperature will only reach 2 to 4 degrees with a mild to moderate westerly breeze.

“Winter showers will continue in the western coastal areas on Thursday night. It will be drier elsewhere with clear periods and sharp ground ice leading to some icy conditions. Very cold with the lowest temperatures from +1 to -4 degrees, coldest across Leinster and Munster. “

And as we head into the weekend it will stay cool overnight with the expectation of frost, especially as lows reach -3C on Sunday night.

A forecaster added: “Friday will be another cold day. A dry and bright start in many areas but showers will continue in western coastal areas, some heavy and wintery with the risk of hail. Cloud will build across the north and east through the night, bringing further widespread winter showers Afternoon temperatures of 4 to 6 degrees with fresh northwest winds bringing an additional wind chill factor.

“Saturday will be dry and bright in many areas with showers mainly confined to coastal areas. Initially chilly with moderate to fresh winds from the northwest, but winds will lighten light to moderate through Maximum temperature from 6 to 8 degrees.

“Current indications are that Sunday will be another dry day largely with only sunny spells and isolated showers along coasts. A cold day with afternoon temperatures of 3 to 7 degrees, coldest over Ulster and Leinster with a light breeze to northwest or variable Stay cool Sunday night with temperatures dropping to between 0 and -3 degrees with widespread frost forming, fog and mist will also develop in a light northern breeze.

“Staying cool into the early days of next week, with further showers or longer periods of rain.”

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