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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were out in London on Sunday to mark the Centenary of the Remembrance Day. Meghan was dressed respectfully in black to mark 100 years since the end of the First World War. All of the Royals were bringing poppies to remember war personnel of the war service.

The Duchess of Sussex saw the serious cases of a separate window balcony by senior members of the Royal Family outside the Cenotaph war memorial.

Some assumed that this choice was a good point, but a royal expert has said that this is not the case.

Joe Little, managing editor of the Majesty's editor, told PEOPLE: "It was not so obvious, because some people may have expected, but there is a pecking order."

And the palace source said that the situation of the Meghan balcony "has come from it.

"No-one sets out this, telling him where to stand.

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When will we see next Meghan?

The Kensington Palace is not yet to release a future Dug and Duchess Sussex newslet.

There is a chance that we will see Meghan taking a step back from the limit as she prepares to reach the couple's baby.

On a trip to Australia, the Meghan team pulled down his commitments to allow the Duchess more time to rest.

A royal expert in Australia with the couple is tweeting: "One source tells me she's not feeling bad, but they're trying to accelerate & # 39; she considering how many commitments are coming. "

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Meghan told one royal fan who turned out to see on a pregnant journey such as a "weak jet" and at 4.30am made yoga as she could not sleep.

In one of the campaigns Harry was present without his wife, he told supporters that Meghan "rested back home."

"Being pregnant takes her toll," he said.

However, if Meghan decides to take a leaflet out of a sister-in-law book, we may see a little more of the Duchess before presenting it.

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Kate, Duchess of Cambridge was hit by hyperemesis gravidarum – a severe type of morning illness – in all three pregnancies.

The illness meant that Duchess of Cambridge were out of public life for the early stages of her pregnancy, but after she felt better she was more busy than ever.

Especially in her latest pregnancy – while Kate was pregnant with Prince Louis, he undertook more official commitments than a husband, Prince William or Prince Harry.

If this is the example, Meghan follows, there is a good chance that we will get some more Sussex baby's five more illustrated pictures before Meghan goes on maternity leave.

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