Sunday , December 5 2021

Leahy confirmed to remain responsible for May until 2021


Peter Leahy will continue to be responsible for Mayo Lives until 2021, LGFA Mayo has confirmed to RTÉ Sport.

Leahy started to stay in the next year's letter, but will continue until 2021 after being confirmed on Tuesday.

Mayo women had a difficult time in 2018 after 12 players were pulling back from the squad, along with two members of the back team during the summer.

The group who left in front of a championship against Cavan identified the welfare of players' & # 39; at the time. Following that a press conference was held where they said they were pulling back from the squad as they felt that the environment in the Mayo squad had become "toxic".

Eight of those players came from the Carnacon club and the club came down from the Premier League and the championship in Maio.

This in turn led to a series of appeals from the county board and Carnacon, which led to the team being reintroduced to the older competitions in the long run and transferred to the eight players who left the county squad.

They went on to win their 20th county title, but recently lost their Connacht crown to Kilkerrin-Clonberne champions from Carmarthen, who finished their reign as Irish champions.

LGG Mayo has supported Leahy and the countryside team through the situation and have been approved to remain in care until 2019 shortly after the deceased players' press conference in September.

It will now remain officially responsible until 2021.

The future between the county of the players of all the deceased, including the four-time winner of the four-star winner of the Carnacon Cora Staunton star, continues to suspect.

Recently, Staunton said she was unlikely to play for Mayo again.

"I can not see myself playing for Mayo again," he told The Late Late Show.

"I'm a blessing, I've played with Mayo for 24 years. There are not many people who can say they've played with their county for the time being. [more in me] but I'm having the club, Carnacon. "

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