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Klopp publishes injury updates on Keita, Firmino before the CL final

Publication date: Thursday 23rd May 2019 1:30

Liverpool's midfielder Naby Keita's recovery from a hip problem is faster than expected, but is unlikely to be fit enough to appear in the Champions League final.

However, the international Guinea might be back in time for the African Cup of Nations, which begins on June 21. t

Keita torn adductor muscle in LiverpoolDefeat was the first loss in the first round in Barcelona at 3-0 and the initial prognosis in the absence of two months.

But after a good response to treatment, the midfielder, who is out in Marbella with the rest of the squad, is preparing for the June 1 conflict with Tottenham in Madrid, having returned to run.

“Naby, I'd say, a little faster than expected, but that doesn't mean anything for the final manager,” t Jurgen Klopp tell

“Now we are doing straight runs and all those things, we feel comfortable with a 50 percent density and these things – but there is a way to go t still.

“I know about the issues with Guinea and things like that; we don't want to keep a player out if they can play – they might think it is like this, but it is not like this.

“For me, it would be good if Naby fitted 100 per cent and he could play the Nations Africa Cup, to be honest.

“But we don't know, we'll see, and we need to work with our medical department because in the end a player should be fit – from my point of view – who can play, play over his country.

“If it's not completely fit, it can't play. That's how it is. We look good, very positive and we'll see if there's a chance. ”

Forward Roberto Firmino is on track to play in the final after recovering from a hip problem that worsened at Nou Camp.

“Bobby looks really good. It wasn't too long, but of course we're still careful and want to make sure nothing happens, ”added Klopp.

“We have a few days long and we want to use them, that's why it's in, out, in, out.”

According to Klopp Firmino took part in a “70 per cent” session on Wednesday and will play a full part on Thursday.

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