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Intense macabre Suspiria is too long but he has a black magic


November is not cool enough for you? Try this.

After passing in the Lombardi sun with Call Me from Your Name, Luca Guadagnino's new adventure in the screen trade has taken Berlin cooling in 1977 as he put her start in horror and left the mark on audiences during that year and in the four decades since: Dario Argento & # 39 ; s He whispered.

From going to go, Guadagnino told her He whispered "homage", does not recreate an interesting movie since he first saw the poster every year.

It's been true to it.

In the midst of the stunning events of German October, Susie Bannion (Dakota Johnson) reaches confusingly at the Markos Dance Academy door. With a cheerful world and no formal training, Susie hopes she can make the huge mass of Mennonite Ohio to women's trousers, led by Madame Blanc (Tilda Swinton).

We already think it should have kept walking.

Tilda Swinton's other master class

Inside the doors, clouds of chainflakes and cadres remain, but Susie succeeds in all of them as his ad-hoc audition, which seems to bring life and light to & # 39; the five-storey fake.

There is a dream indeed, and a nightmare meat has to do.

This is one of those rare occasions where you really want people to continue to lighten in cinemas, just to see the on-screen events going through & # 39; r pen. He would definitely add something to the walking too – there will be a bit.

Through six phases, epilogs, a graduate of postgraduate and literacy two-and-a-half literacy, Guadagnino has made the story itself, testing as great in the cyrations as the gore. There are plenty of both.

Exchanging iconic red and original red for brownish and heavy snow, Guadagnino puts down the colors but turns more themes. Her He whispered has painted against the political background of the workplace and the wider world, with force, family and grief greatly in the foreground. It is also one of the few films that actually succeed in catching the ancient disorders and ruin the Sevenths to perfection.

The cyrations are very impressive as the gore

There's no glamor, but there's plenty of fun.

When he reunited it More Splash Johnson and Swinton stars, Guadagnino have chosen the perfect people to portray the flips of their respective characters with ambition, attraction and anxiety all part of the energy work between them. Johnson may turn his best work to date, while Swinton is deserving of any attention of the term of the awards that comes from his way. There is also a talk about their star star Lutz Ebersdorf – a surprise performance, no matter how much you know.

Not all of this praise is an excuse for the fact that Guadagnino should be as curious as the edge in the editing room as some of the Markos Dance Academy residents are on screen. Two hours would have continued to do justice to their vision and to keep more people investing until the end. Having said that, anyone who feels like going out will not go out completely when he arrives. And then some.

Bonkers are always always great and are best seen in a good company. Hope you will still talk.

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