Friday , May 27 2022

I'm proud of Bundee Aki's progress, says Tana Umaga


There is nothing unusual about the situation where Bundee Aki will find on Saturday as he has made up for Ireland against New Zealand, his country of birth.

Ian McKinley, who was born in Dublin in Italy, went the same thing in Chicago a fortnight two weeks ago when former Leinster coaches in the Irish champions appeared while he was last week at Twickenham Brad Shields, a named midwife New Zealand is an English parent, the Haka before going on with former members and the Hurricanes team.

This is not a new phenomenon yet, while some argue that the mixed emotions will expect Aki to prove as a New Zealand God & at the Aviva Stadium before he discharges Ireland's Call, those who know it best are happy to celebrate a reward for hard work and make difficult paying decisions.

Former captain Tana Umaga, all of the Black Blacks, has known Aki, 28, as he was a teenager and signed for the Manukau Counties, has persuaded Ireland's future in the future to give her the best his post in a bank to go on professional rugby.

Although others have questioned Ireland's "project player" rights and policy measures of rugby talent talent under the rugby three-year rugby control of the Rugby League soon, Umaga is delighted to be willing to protect the audiences to welcome & # 39 ; The opportunities provided to him when he joined Connacht by the Headteachers in summer 2014.

"It's been fantastic to look at Bundee to develop as a player and take the opportunities that have been given him," said Umaga.

"As a young man when I first came across, it was some crossroads in what he wanted to do with his life.

"And he took part in rugby, we asked him to return as part of it and it has put great shifts into where he's compared to where he was there. I'm very proud to see what he has done. I was lunch with him last night that paid for him so I'll be very lucky for that!

"Bundee will agree in his younger days, with the energy you're talking about, sometimes it's channeled down the wrong ways. This is what we do when we are young but he has been able to deal with those things.

"I believe when you grasped him, bringing him back to rugby he gave him a structure. He showed him there was another route."

"And if you still go down the way you're going, you could be in trouble. So be able to channel that energy. You have noticed that it is a very aggressive person and, apparently, when younger he was a bit of a firebreaker, anything could start, but he has been able to deal with that and make shifts in that regard. This great game was able to give it A path to him in terms of being able to achieve. Open his mind to what he could do because he clearly has the potential and talent. He jumped that and he managed to achieve those things and this is again a witness to him. "

There is no doubt that Ireland is now taking advantage of Umaga's innovative prizes. And even if Aki did not come close to all the Blacks, but in the First Minister, Ireland's earnings are not lost on world champion's assistant coach, Ian Foster, who is trying to humor on Tuesday for the turnover to the shirt green is somewhat incredible.

"It's been over here just a bit now and you've molded it into Ireland," said Foster.

"It looks like Ireland now, is it not?

"They play Ireland's way. There will be a couple of men who have probably played with him and know it personally, but we're kind to be used to that."

Faced with Aki, especially a week after crossing swords with Shields, the All Blacks may have frozen if a column in New Zealand Herald states: "Utility banners – World rugby tactics in the Irish world" in any A representative way of general mood.

Yet, the Irish camp does not just praise one year after the start of a Test against South Africa.

"I believe it has been of the highest quality," said defense coach Andy Farrell.

"He's a quiet man, Bundee, but he's definitely a leader as he performs and supports himself and his experience of playing in New Zealand to the Headteachers is essential for us. this week.

"I've been used to play against these weekdays during the week, and I hope his belief will give the rest to the rest."

Nobody could be more happy about that than Umaga.

"I'm very proud of Bundee. From a personal perspective, obviously in New Zealand, you will always want the Black Black but as a coach who wants to get the best out of & # 39; w players, and my philosophy is about allowing people to live the dream, as I have and I can still do today … See players who can provide & # 39; The dream is, in this great game we have, it makes me proud. "If that's to Ireland or anything, I'll get 100% behind Bundee."

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