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Hollyoaks spoilers – shock deaths were teasing in a new trailer

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

HollyoaksThe latest trailer is a Christmas cracker, offering a first look at the show’s Christmas story lines and other winter shock plots.

Old relatives are about to revisit, evil Edward might be pushing his luck too far, and maybe two characters receive visits from the Grim Reaper … but are there some red herring there too?

Here are 11 of the biggest spoilers we’ve seen.

1. Tragedy in John Paul

john paul mcqueen in hollyoaks

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id police kiss kiss in hollyoaks

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Do we finally have our answer as to who is in the body bag in the New Year? It’s possible, as the new trailer once again shows John Paul crying beside the crime scene outside The Hutch – a heartbreaking moment that was first provoked in a flash episode last year.

But hang on a minute, this time we get to see much more of the scene as PC Kiss’s work badge lies next to the body bag. No wonder John Paul is so upset, believing his girlfriend could be honest.

So, could PC Kiss be the unlucky victim after his hard work investigating the County Lines drug ring, or is this a snippet Hollyoaks red herring?

We can’t help suspecting that the show might not actually spoil its biggest mystery of the year in a trailer, but strange things have happened in the soap world.

2. Sienna cheats

savage freedom see sienna blake kiss warren fox in hollyoaks

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Sienna’s relationship with Brody hits the rocks as he gets closer to Cormac’s new daughter Summer. This leads to Sienna cozying up to her ex-boyfriend Warren once again.

The story ends when Liberty reveals that she saw Warren and Sienna kiss, in a moment that is sure to leave Brody depressed.

3. Toby’s killer secret is exposed

tooe faroe in hollyoaks

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Celeste has been cleaning up her brother Toby’s mess for the past few months, helping him hide the truth about Lisa’s murder and preventing Mitchell from revealing what happened. However, she may have finally had enough to defend his horrific secrets when he was injured as a result of his temper.

The new trailer shows Celeste telling Felix the truth about Toby’s crimes – and only time will tell how their father reacts in the result.

4. Silas sets shocking new targets

silas blissett in hollyoaks

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Serial killer Silas remains a dangerous threat in the village, but it’s not just his super-enemy Mercedes who needs to worry.

New photos show Silas wandering into frail Cher when she’s drunk on the City Wall.

In a separate scene, Silas also states that the McQueens will never see Mercedes’ son Bobby again. It seems that the disgraced superintendent will stop at nothing in terms of torturing the family.

5. Mercedes and Sylver’s marriage is pushed to the edge

mercedes mcqueen in hollyoaks

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The weight of McQueens blackmail suffering seems to be taking a serious toll on Mercedes. One scene from the trailer shows Mercedes storming away from Sylver, promising to sleep with every man he can find. Mercy’s ex-girlfriend Warren is then revealed to have fallen asleep again.

Sylver also looks on in horror as his pregnant wife slips from the City Wall after a horrific phone call from Silas. Will Mercedes and the baby be okay?

6. Diane’s death is announced

diane hutchinson in hollyoaks

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The walls will start closing in on evil Edward in the coming weeks as Diane sees his true colors and Verity vows to destroy him, but refuses to go down without a fight.

One particularly shocking moment from the trailer shows Edward viciously attacking Diane with a wardrobe, after she declares that she would rather die than marry him.

Later, Edward tells a horrified Tony that Diane is dead, causing him to collapse in shock.

It’s another moment where we can’t help feeling that we’re not getting the full story, though. Is Diane really gone, or is this another of Edward’s treatments? And what does Edward plan when he gives Tony a mince pie, branding him “to die for”?

7. Tom and Yazz New Year’s Wedding

yasmine maalik in hollyoaks

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Tom and Yazz’s relationship continues to be a central focus in the coming weeks as they continue to prepare for their New Year’s wedding. Yazz Bride can be seen fluttering over her fiancée while trying on wedding dresses for the big day.

The happy couple are hoping their special event will disappear without a hut, but with the County Lines conspiracy set to end on the day of the ceremony, we’re not too hopeful. Speaking of which…

8. The drama of County Lines leaves everyone in danger

juliet nightingale in hollyoaks

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The pressure on the younger characters of the village will continue in the run up to the New Year, as Victor doesn’t just need to worry about it. Jordan is reinstated as head of the drug operations in the village, so he puts the pressure on Charlie and Ella.

Juliet also struggles with the situation, wants to escape the dark world of drugs but feels unable to do so as Victor is threatening her family.

As the play begins to build towards a dramatic climax, Victor warns Juliet that one of her loved ones will be dead by midnight. This could be bad news for James, who is seen trying to save Juliet from his scary suffering.

Peri might be in trouble, too, as she’s falling for Juliet and wanting them to be together – but could Victor stop that?

dean of charlie in hollyoaks

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While the whole younger crowd is in turmoil, the parents and guardians in the village seem to be getting closer to the truth.

Mandy is shocked to find a large amount of money in Ella’s bag, while police discover drugs in Nancy’s house. Darren also makes a shocking discovery about Charlie’s actions.

9. Sid and Leela return

the price of bills like shit in hollyoaks

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Sid returns from his time in rehab, where the youngster has received specialist support after fracturing part of his leg. The new trailer shows Sid trying to adjust to his new life, with perhaps a fun distraction on the horizon when his teenager wants to start their own band.

Leela is also back in the village after her time off, reuniting with her brother Ste for the first time in a year. How will she respond to Sid’s recent accident – and how would she feel if she knew how much danger she was still in?

10. Imran and Brooke grow closer

imran maalik in hollyoaks

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Brooke’s relationship with Ollie was left in tattoos recently, and Ollie will remain on a downward spiral over the rest of the year as he continues to take drugs and strive to keep his anxious habit to himself.

While Ollie’s life is falling apart, there could be happier times ahead for Brooke and Imran as they grow closer and express their feelings towards each other.

11. Revisit Joel and Theresa’s relationship

joel dexter and teresa mcqueen in hollyoaks

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Joel is known for his love of the McQueen girls and it looks like he might be a little confused in the coming weeks.

Although he is now with Goldie, an insecure Joel can be seen leaning in for a kiss with her ex-boyfriend Theresa. Will he really cheat?

Hollyoaks is currently airing new episodes Monday to Thursday at 6.30pm on Channel 4, with premieres at 7pm on E4. Classic chapters, entitled Hollyoaks favorites, airs on Fridays at 7pm on E4.

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