Wednesday , May 25 2022

Gardai are warning of an increase in checkpoints and clashing with assemblies in cities across Ireland


Gardi warns of increased patrols over large gatherings ahead of the weekend.

Views from Dublin and Cork last weekend sparked Leaves’ debate on takeaway paintings with officials now keeping a close eye on public places.

The Gardi shared multiple photos on their social media Thursday night as they began a highly visible foot patrol nationwide campaign.

The operation aims to ensure compliance with Level Five restrictions as we aim towards the end of the lockout process.

A garda spokesman said: “The guard control room at Anglesea St. is keeping a close eye on the city of Cork. There will be increased patrols and engagement, especially in relation to large groups congregating in open spaces.

Gardi on patrol in Cork

“Gardai in Galway are busy patrolling tonight. They carry out regular checkpoints, and foot patrols in the city as well as engaging with the public to support Covid 19. public health guidelines.”

They added the same thing about Dublin with similar checks taking place all over the country.

Deputy Commissioner for Policing and Security John Twomey said today that it is “more important than ever, for the next two weeks at Level Five, that we all continue to work together to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by adhering to the public health council.

“Although it has been disappointing at times to witness some activities by small numbers of individuals and groups, I am encouraged by the overwhelming support and compliance shown throughout our communities. n supports the Covid-19 Public Health guidelines, “he said.

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