Monday , January 17 2022

Fallout 76 Patch sets the Speed ​​Facilitation Notice and Unlock FPS


The latest edition Fallout 76, which lasted live yesterday, presents a solution for one of the most well-known problems with the game on PC. During Fallout 76 BETA, players found on PC that they could access the game files and unlock FPS the game. Due to the way the game machine works, it was found that it can take advantage of fast hacking. Although Bethesda has closed the files before the full launch, an appropriate setting has now been implemented.

Fallout 76 Patch sets a Speed ​​Accessibility Notice

The Fallout 76 Factsheet Patch is Fixes With FPS and Hacking Speed

During the BETA Fallout 76, the players found that a problem that appeared in Bethesda's previous games also appeared in Fallout 76. Before the latest piece, Fallout 76 on a computer had no options for many key graphics features of the players would expect to see them in a PC game. In particular, there were no options for a FOV slider, along with V, anti-aliasing, and frame options. Bethesda seems to have included the problem that was on the surface. However, they did not clearly predict how vulnerable it would be.

When curious players in the game files heard about the missing options, it was found that they could unlock the game's FPS. This caused a serious problem. For a long time, Bethesda's game engine has tied FPS together with some object speed in the game. This failure has been exploited in the past Bethesda games to accelerate hacking, and it was just as vulnerable in Fallout 76. Once FPS was unlocked, players found that Their speed in the game increases steadily, giving them a significant advantage over other players. Bethesda became aware of the problem, and said that a trail would not come to launch.

FPS Options Now Accessible After Fallout 76 Patch

However, the studio provided a temporary repair before the end of the BETA. The studio closed the .ini game of the game to prevent changes, and also locked the game's frame to 63 FPS. The simple but overwhelming answer caused concern among players that it would not be just right and the frame would continue to lock. However, it seems that such concerns are unfounded. Bethesda's previous games that have gone back to Fallout 3 have at least locked frames; A way to stop this issue, although players could handle the .ini files in exactly the way.

Effects of the Latest Event Exposure 76

With the launch of the latest Fallout 76 piece, Bethesda appears to have set the flash in its engine that allows speed hacking. (Problem that has existed in almost every Bethesda game, it might be worth mentioning it!) The frame of the game has not yet been closed, and it seems that it runs on a FPS many higher without affecting the speed in the game. The installation has also enabled many of the graphic options to be lost, including some new FOV options with normal decisions. There is no real FOV slipper yet, but Bethesda has promised to introduce one later.

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