Thursday , September 29 2022

DOWN Instagram: Social networking photo that does not work for HUNDREDS of users


Instagram is now over for hundreds of users who have reported the social network so that they do not work today.

The Down Detector Independent Output Monitor has received an increase of Instagram reports down.

Of those reports, most of the problems that Instagram users have experienced have fallen around the website's news feeds.

Instagram users have also taken part in the Twitter social network to report problems with the website that are Facebook.

One Instagram user tweeted: "Someone quickly gives me a cat to look at, Instagram is down!"

Although another has been posted: "Instagram down the second I've decided to upload a cute picture".

And one added: "Is Instagram down yet?"

The news comes after Instagram has suffered another last month.

Indexed in October began thousands of reports across the UK and several parts of Europe from Instagram.

When trying to access users of the site, a "5XX Server Error" error was encountered and the app shows the message "they could not refresh feed."

Users have flooded social media websites, including Twitter, to share their staggering with one Instagram fan saying: "#instagram ends every panic, this is the end of the world that runs for your lives."

While another said simply: "Instagram down. Why ???"

Some users say they have tried to delete the app and to resubmit themselves and cause even more problems.

When sending a message on the detective Down forum, one Instagram customer said: "They can not renew the app this morning. Delete and then download the app. Now you can log at all."

And another confirmed: "We will not refresh the feed, upload a picture or let me make comments. After deleting and resetting, it is said that there is a problem at their end and will not let me log on. "

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