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Cork's chronic pain victim says that cannabis vape relieves her pain

A Cork woman who has suffered long-term chronic pain as a result of complications from a series of surgeries has said that medicinal cannabis has helped her get off all her medicines.

Alicia Maher (35), from Mayfield, said he had no quality of life and was on more than 30 painkillers a day until she found the cannabis vape on the black market.

Alicia's problems started at the age of 17 when she went into routine surgery to remove her tonsils.

"I made complications afterwards. The left side of my neck opened first, it was a haemorrhage, and I had to go back for further surgery," he told the Neil Prendeville Show on RedFM Cork.

"A week later I opened the other side of my neck too, so I had to go back to have a second operation to close that side."

"I was an inpatient at the South Hospital for a few months because I had to be treated with antibiotics. But when I was at the South Hospital, I started bleeding from the intestine."

"They transferred to CUH to see a specialist but when I was inpatient there, I had a toxic megacolon, so my haemorrhage in the colon while I was in hospital.

"I had an emergency operation at that time and they removed my whole colon and I started an ileostomy bag.

"That was my last year at school, so I lost my Leaving Certificate because I had pneumonia after the operation.

It was terrible. I didn't know what happened. I was in shock for a few years later because I had gone into removing my source.

Although she suffers from severe post-traumatic stress and depression, she completed her Exit Certificate the following year.

However, he received more bad news when pre-cancerous cells in his rectum were discovered, which resulted in him having a proctectomy to remove his rectum and his whole ache.

While improving from that, he contracted MRSA and began experiencing chronic pain.

Doctors carried out anesthetic investigations in subsequent years and, in 2010, a fistula was found in the scar tissue where Alicia was removed.

"The options at the time were to get long foot muscles from each of my legs taken and some of my stomach to patch my heads in or get a morphine box to insert it into my stomach."

Alicia fell, because she thought the pain came from the bones in her back.

"Since 2015, when I had sciatica, my painkillers were increased and for the last two years I had been taking more than 30 painkillers a day.

It was absolutely horrible. I couldn't walk for more than five minutes, I couldn't stand, I couldn't sit, so I had no choice but to do everything [for college] home lies on my back.

"My whole life turned around every four hours having to take the medication and forced myself to eat every four hours, otherwise I would be sick. It was absolutely horrible. I've spent the last two years in the home can't do anything. "

Increasingly suffering from fatigue and forgetfulness, she was referred to her pain management clinic for an emergency appointment last year. However, her pain consultant had left the department and she had not replaced it, so all future appointments were canceled.

I loved it. I had no idea what to do. I was on the top dose of some medicine already.

"It was 10 (out of 10 for pain) the whole time. It's very difficult to smile or even laugh when you get your worries completely through the time."

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Then he turned to the cannabis vape.

"From the first dose, he reduced the pain," he said. "The pain is fully controlled with cannabis and I do not take any medication four weeks ago. T

When I wake up in the morning, I still get the pain but I use the first cannabis thing and we get rid of it just not on the pain. my coccycs bone, I completely remove my sciatica, the pain to my rectum, everything, it's more effective than the medication ever.

"The pain melts away within a couple of minutes. It's absolutely amazing. I wouldn't have thought I hadn't tried it myself."

Her application for a license to use medicinal cannabis was refused this week because she needed to be signed by a consultant, but she has not had a new one since last year.

From being sent to stay inside his house, in the last month she has been able to return to university (she is studying a PhD in law at UL on regulating medical cannabis t in Ireland), making her first conference paper, and organizing a conference in UL.

"It has completely given me back my life. Finally, I can laugh again."

The Department of Health referred to its current guidance on the use of cannabis for medical purposes, which referred to the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) review in 2017 and noted that all patients using cannabis were “under appropriate supervision of a trained and experienced medical consultant ”.

The Department of Health's overview also says: “Medical cannabis producers who meet acceptable quality standards, so far, are not available to producers directly to the Irish market. Until these products are available in Ireland, it is a matter for the prescriber who will have their patient to locate the specified cannabis medical product ". pharmacy in the Netherlands.

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