Saturday , June 25 2022

Chris Tarrant brandishes Kerry Katona ‘gobby’ as she admits she was sober after meeting him


Chris Tarrant has recalled meeting Kerry Katona – claiming the two didn’t knock him off.

The 73-year-old former Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ?, met the Atomic Kitten at an event in Marbella, Spain.

Kerry himself recalled the meeting earlier this year, saying that Chris called her “gobby, loud, rude and playful” when he went up to introduce himself.

Now Chris has told the Mirror: “I remember [meeting]… She got upset.

“I think you can imagine. Oh gosh, monster. She was all over the place, we were trying to do charitable things and she kept butting in and eventually it I probably said, ‘Why don’t you go away?’ “

Chris said he told Kerry to ‘go away’ when they met

Mirror Online has contacted Kerry’s representative for comment.

Kerry said she broke down in tears after she ran in with The Millionaire host.

He wrote in his new! magazine column: “I went up to him to say hello and told him – to my face – he didn’t like me, that I was ‘gobby, loud, rude and brash.’ What? I was so disappointed. “

He continued: “I went to the toilet and baled my eyes out. A few years ago, he did an interview where he said he wouldn’t do a reality show because he didn’t ‘want to be stuck on an island with Kerry Katona’.

Kerry said Chris Tarrant was ‘rude’ to her

“I have no idea what I did for him but he must have had it in my head that I was a straight-forward person. It’s a shame because I love watching it on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

“I grew up idolizing him and my heart is sinking even now thinking about him.”

But despite the rough encounter, nothing can get Kerry’s spirits down at the moment.

Kerry and Ryan are engaged after he answers the question

After months of fan speculation, hooker boyfriend Ryan Mahoney got down on one knee.

Kerry said yes and suggested that they tie the knot in a ceremony near you in Las Vegas instead of a grand bass.

And despite their upcoming names, they are not in any kind of rush to add to their brood.

“I think it would be really selfish when I have five amazing kids, get pregnant again knowing how I almost died in labor last time,” he told a freshman!

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