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An 11-year-old boy with an autism letter writes to The Chase Anne Hegerty


I'm Famous Stars and Chase Anne Hegerty has been praised by an 11-year-old autistic boy in an exciting open letter.

The 60-year-old television personnel, diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome in 2007, had discussed their autism candidically before going to the jungle and producers received in anxious & for her mechanisms coping on the show.

Clearly touched audiences, Georgia Toffollo shared an image of the letter sent by Joseph Hughes of Preston, who rushed over the TV star and admitted that he was an inspiration to him because of his job cold & 39; and a courage to go to the jungle.

Anne, known as The Governess, was diagnosed with the form of Autism as she watched a TV program and realized that he had all the symptoms, the DailyMail reports.

He explained that Asperger made her unsuitable, who gave her a messy house; She will not let anyone visit her, while she admitted that she's faced with an error, which could lead her to get & # 39; a mixture of some of the peers. & # 39;

After touching clearly from the star, the young boy noted the letter where he rushed over the star and had access to the jungle.

He wrote: To Anne, My name is Joseph Hughes and I am 11. I live in Preston Lancashire and I'm going to a specialist school. I was diagnosed with autism when I was 5. I like to watch you on The Chase …

And now, I've been watching you in the jungle. I can not go there because there are too many bugs. You are very clever …

& Sometimes people mean to me because I'm autistic but your watching makes me see that other people have autism too, and maybe I can get a cold job like you when I'm older. So do you like Thunderbirds? I love …

My favorite favorite is Thunderbird 2. I've taken a picture for you, I hope you like it. Good luck in the jungle, I hope you like it. Love by Joseph. & # 39;

Joseph's mother, Kate Jarvis, today filtered his son's response as she told him that her letter had become viral.

He told the youngsters that the team behind Thunderbirds had been in touch, offering Joseph a gift.

The 11-year-old, who was filmed, sat on the sofa in his dress before school, that he was very excited.

When sharing the post, Toff revealed that she liked so much while the image was attached to a message saying that it was & # 39; has given goosebumps the reader.

Speaking on Loose Women in September, Anne revealed that she does not let anyone go into her home or wants to go on holiday as she prefers things to be quietly.

He explained that Asperger makes her unfit, which has put a messy house to her; She will not let anyone visit.

Anne said: "People always tell me; & # 39; Where are you keeping autism? & # 39; And I always say & # 39; And behind my front door and I do not come in. & # 39; & # 39; & # 39;

She continued: I just need everything to go quietly, so that people can give up the trouble and do not think when I'm going to get a package. I like to get my own kitchen so I can cook and a washing machine so I can do washing. Things you can not get in a hotel. & # 39;

Previously, Anne said how the condition had led to its misinterpretation signals of the interests of a possible love – but also believed that she had helped her quiz information.

He also revealed how the syndrome cost her for a test test as she inability to multi-task tasks resulting in underperformance.

He left the job to lose her on benefits and led to two bailiffs to arrive within ten minutes of each other on Day of the Year 2008.

Later, Anne applied for The Chase with the help of a social worker. She has appeared on the show, presented by Bradley Walsh, since 2010.

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