Friday , August 12 2022

Wow! Release of Shares Bank Danamon, Temasek in Rp 31 T


Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Singapore corporation, Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited gave money of up to Rp. 31.10 trillion after diverting all shares of the company in PT Bank Danamon Tbk (BDMN) through its subsidiary, Asia Financial (Indonesia) Pte Ltd.

Based on shares data on Indonesia Stock Exchange, Temasek owns 3,242,784,698 shares of Danamon Bank or 33.83% of all shares of the company, through Asia Financial. The sale transaction took place on April 29 at the price of Rp. 9,590 / share, earning Rp sales money. 31.10 trillion.

In addition, a number of other shareholders made similar sales so that the company's shareholders were on May 2, 2019, M

UFG Bank Ltd was 93.10% and public investors were 6.90%.

"Before selling Asia financial ownership, which amounted to 3,242,784,698 shares of Danamon Bank. After sales, no percentage, selling price Rp." Authorized Signatory Asia Financial (Indonesia) Pte Ltd, when disclosing information about the Indonesia Stock Exchange, was quoted on Saturday (04/05/2019).

For comparison, at the end of 2018, Danamon Bank shares a series as much as 0.23% of public investors, while Session B is MUFG Bank 40%, Asia Financial 33.83%, public investors 25.91%, and the rest are directors and commissioners.

The sale price Temasek shares at a high price of IDR 95590 / share on April 29 by several shareholders including Temasek.

The day's transaction made the value of the Danamon Bank daily transactions IDR 52.58 trillion.

The transaction transactions data show that the sale and purchase transaction has been held in the negotiating market and is facilitated by the company guarantees PT Mandiri Sekuritas with the CC code.

The transaction took place at 9:00 am for the price of Rp. 9,590 as many as 5.17 billion shares.
The value of the transaction is higher than Rp market price. 9,025, or the so-called common is premium, with a difference of 6.26%.

After that, the shares of Danamon Bank had dive free to close on Rp. 6,000 / share on Friday (05/03/2019). Therefore, the price of BDMN shares fell to 30% per week.

The news on this stock will come from the Asia Pacific Index's MSCI list as one of the triggers for the downturn in Danamon Bank's stock prices.
After merging with BBNP from May 1 onwards, the number of BDMN shares remaining has become smaller.

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