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Wow, hundreds of HIV cases have been infected with toddlers –


ISLAMABAD – Hundreds of babies and toddlers in Pakistan have been infected with HIV. This case is the first time children suffer the deadly virus. It is believed that this case is the worst case in the South Asian country.

In an examination in Rotadero Province, Sindh, it was found that three-quarters of children in Pakistan had had HIV positive. Nearly two thirds of these children are under five years of age.

One reason why they have been infected with HIV is thought to be the use of sterile needles for injection, infusion, and blood transfusions in the area. Some people who are considered doctors in Pakistan have never taken formal education than their dukun call.

The virus was found when a pediatrician found eight patients who had not recovered from a fever and had not recovered from the drug. Further investigation was carried out until they were found to be HIV positive.

The program for the examination was then held in the Rotadero. Since then, 18,418 people have been investigated and 607 positive about HIV. 381 are five years old and five years old. The overall number is expected to continue to increase with further findings.

Most of those who have infected are men and. At that time, the case involved sex workers in the area, most of whom were translators and 32 were found carrying the AIDS virus.

This discovery led to Larkana tourist accommodation campaigns, where sex workers have been able to trade relatively freely, despite a ban on prostitution in Pakistan.

AIDS program director and UN HIV in Pakistan, Maria Elena Filio-Borromeo said that this was the first case in Asia where most children had been infected with the virus.

This cause is worrying because treating people who have been infected with the deadly virus is difficult in the country.

"Many young people in Pakistan have been infected with HIV, but it is difficult to get treatment because it is considered uncommon for poor people in the country. In 2018 it was said that as many as 6,200 people had died of AIDS, "he said. (der / bbc / fin)

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