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Whatsapp Stickers Use Your Own Photos, Here's How To Make

[ad_1], ONLY – Last Whatsapp users can use cute stickers to chat. Not only does it use what is provided, users can also be creative by making personal stickers as desired.

The "hidden" feature in the latest version of WhatsApp allows users to use third party applications to create Whatsapp stickers and share them with friends in groups or in private conversations.

Are you interested in trying? Here's how to make a personal sticker and make a collection on your sticker list on WhatsApp, which you can share with a friend's chat: First, you must download the Beta Whatsapp application 2.18.340 available on the Internet but not on the Google Play Store. Use Google search to download Whatsapp 2.18.340 beta in APK format.

After downloading and installing the intended Beta Beta application successfully, you need at least two third party applications to make personal stickers. Both applications you can use are the Picsart and Personal Stickers image processing application for WhatsApp.

You can download both one-to-one applications on the Google Playshop or click Photos and Personal Stickers for WhatsApp. After completing the installation, you can start making stikers.

Open the Picsart application that you have installed on your mobile phone, but do not forget log in, with a Facebook account and Google to enter this application.

After the application opens, press the (+) sign on the application to create a new sticker.

From there you can choose the pictures to be used as stickers or pori draw your album by pressing Every Monday.

Choose the picture that you like and target the person on the photo you want to make the sticker, then remove the background in the picture using the "Cutout" feature on Picsart.

Press people's silhouette image to get rid of them background automatically or by pressing the next button to get rid of it background with your finger by hand, and press Save.

After that, you can add text by pressing the Text feature to create a message that you will present along with your personal sticker later. To make the text appear clearer, you can add other colors to the text by pressing the Stoke feature.

If so, press the next sign (->) in the upper right corner of the screen to continue, and save the sticker created by choosing "Save as a ster" and add hashtag To name your collection of a new sticker and to keep in the Gallery.

You need to make at least 3 stickers to be able to put your stickers on Whatsapp. So, make at least three stickers with the above actions and give them hashtag the same thing.

After that, open the Personal Sticker for the WhatsApp application and you will see a list of stickers that you have created in hashtag the same thing. Then, if you are asked to add it to Whatsapp, press the button.

To find out if your stickers have entered the sticker list on Whatsapp, you can open one of the links as if to start a conversation, and press the sticker button, then select the correct button between the types of stickers on Whatsapp.

If you have already made the stickers you've done, you've been able to make a personal sticker for WhatsApp and you're ready to use or share with friends or groups.

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