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Virgil van Dijk, Gain Title for Liverpool Without The Ball – Sunday (03/31/2019) is the time when Virgil van Dijk gave a title to Liverpool English League without touching the ball once.

The praise for BBC BBC Daily Daily radio broadcasts after the game was encouraging.

"This is the moment that Liverpool can give Liverpool its title at the end of the season, thanks to the contribution of someone who had not touched the ball at all," said Jonathan the host.

The huge moment Virgil van Dijk came when Liverpool was throwing players on the frontline by playing four strikers immediately to win the match against Tottenham at Anfield Stadium.

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The score for the game was 1-1, Liverpool took over through Roberto Firmino in the 16th minute but Tottenham rose after the break.

All anti-attack from the Lilywhites was dangerous. Lucas Moura was equal in the 70th minute and Spurs always tried to add a second goal.

All of Liverpool knew that the results as well as victory in this game would damage their chances of claiming the first league title since the 1989-1990 season.

Six minutes before scattering, Tottenham managed to create a 2v1 situation through the situation anti-attack lightning.

Moussa Sissoko ran with Son Heung-min with only Virgil van Dijk stopping them from Alisson's goal.

All the failures of the Reds in the past seemed to recall the memories of Liverpool fans at the moment.

Every nightmare, especially Steven Gerrard's moments, fell on the field and 3-3 results came in Crystal Palace, which made the Reds champion disappear in May 2014, to the mind again.

Virgil van Dijk only stood firm this time to keep Liverpool's dream alive.

Van Dijk delayed several attempts to get the ball from Sissoko feet.

Tottenham's player had also not helped much by directing his run to the center, complicating the angle and options effectively.

Sissoko tried to find a Son but Van Dijk did not give him the freedom.

Van Dijk knew exactly what was the biggest threat when he came from whom.

"I saw Sissoko and I knew he was an attacker on the right. The son usually solved opportunities like this, so I didn't make a decision there," he said after the game.

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Van Dijk folded on the ball on Sissoko's feet after the player Tottenham slipped the ball into his weak leg.

Seeing Van Dijk stretching his body and his legs to take the round skin, Sissoko shot a fire so busy and his weak legs.

As a result, Sissoko shot was shot.

"It's amazing. Making such a good decision in the shortest time available shows that Van Dijk is a player of the first class," said Matt Etherington, former winger Tottenham and Stoke who became a broadcast director t the BBC.

"A defender will usually knock on the ball straight on Sissoko's feet and that will make a Son loose but Van Dijk continues to delay his movements so that he can create doubts in Sissoko," said Clinton Morrisson, before Crystal Palace striker at the same event.

"Young people everywhere learn from Van Dijk's act."

He was so good that Van Dijk chose the time to get to grips with it as Opta did not record the Sissoko opportunity as " tgreat opportunityaka a great opportunity to score a goal that is calculated based on the company's statistical statistics algorithm.

In fact, they counted Sissoko's chances of scoring goals from that situation just 12-14 per cent.

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