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Very Luxury, This Egyptian Pharaoh Dress Dresses from Meteorite Fractions

[ad_1] – The ancient Egyptians were already familiar with the use of heavenly bodies that fell into the Earth for various purposes. Like the Egyptian Pharaoh, Tutankhamun, who used a small piece of glass from a celestial body like a chest decoration.

About 29 million years ago these yellow glass pieces were discovered in the western desert of Egypt.

It is expected that the cut will come from a metric collision incident on the surface of the planet.

Based on expert analysis, the piece of glass contains a rare ore of the reidite name, which is formed during meteorite collisions only.

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The origin of the yellow glass pieces was revealed at the end after research by Australian and Austrian researchers.

Previously, experts discussed the question and how the yellow glass pieces arrived on the Earth from the end.

"This has been a topic of discussion, one whether glass is formed during meteorite collisions or air explosions that happen when asteroids explode and store energy in the Earth's atmosphere." , "said Aaron Cavosie, a researcher from the University of Curtin in Australia, as quoted from Science Warning, Thursday (05/16/2019).

In studies published in the magazine Geology, the team examined small mineral particles called the zircon found in samples of glass pieces. The analysis found that other mineral remains of the reidite name formed under high pressure.

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"A meteorite collision creates a shock wave forming high pressure minerals. So finding evidence of a reidite confirms that glass pieces are created because of the effect of meteorites," added Cavosie.

This research also gives a new view that far more rare and large meteorite collisions can produce glass pieces like those found in western Egypt.

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