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Unexpected Solutions Tessy When Fedir Haters Similar to Battle Syahrini, Reino Barack


BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Unexpected response from comedian Tessy when he was called Reino Barack after a husband Syahrini left Luna Maya.

The name of the comedian Tessy had come to the fore when the gossip between Syahrini, Reino Barack, and Luna Maya was discussed warmly by the public.

Syahrini and Reino Barack's wedding in February could be said to be a controversial wedding.

This is based on the fact that a party that was hurt, namely Luna Maya, of Syahrini's happiness and Reino Barack.

Inevitably, the news led to two camps, Luna Maya and Syahrini.

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Even Luna Maya fans, in Instagram's comments discussing Syahrini-Reino Barack, wrote that the entrepreneur was like a Tessy comedian and could be said to be something negative.

The news was quoted from Nakita.Grid.ID, Tuesday (05/21/2019) Tessy, who had seen her picture juxtaposed with Reino Barack, was shocked.

Launching from one of the information shows, Tessy said she felt sad.

"Before I was prepared with Reino Barack I knew the public before Reino Barack, right?" said Tessy.

Tessy also explained her feelings when she first saw her picture coinciding with Syahrini's husband.

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