Friday , May 27 2022

Tricks Sell Flash Xiaomi Akali

[ad_1], Jakarta – The sale of smart Xiaomi smartphones in the UK has produced consumer protests. Xiaomi himself recognized a special system for the fast start-up sales that he made at Queen Elizabeth House.

As reported by the Android Authority, Xiaomi was acknowledged, information and provisions related to 10 units of smart Xiaomi phones sold for a sales flash for 1 pound or equivalent to £ 19,000 on the page & # 39; Terms & Conditions & # 39;

In this section, Xiaomi explained that there will be three smartphones available in each of the two Flash Sale days, then two smartphones will be available in the second Flash Sale.

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However, on the day of the Flash Sale, Xiaomi changed the Terms & Conditions section. So, before Flash Sale was implemented, the provision was changed.

In response to this issue, the Advertising Standards Authority in the United Kingdom stated that consumers must "say clearly and timely" about limited product availability.

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"If the ad does not indicate a significant condition and the terms and conditions are changed in the middle of the promotion, then it could be a problem," said the agency spokesman.

Xiaomi hopes customers will not give up after the sales flashing program, which they often do so that customers can have the opportunity to get Xiaomi phones at low prices.

"We have maintained flash sales worldwide since we returned in 2013 as a way to give some lucky customers the opportunity to have our smartphones at very low prices," said Xiaomi spokesman.

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"This is the first sales in the UK and it attracts a lot of demand, well beyond what we expected. We sorry that many fans Xiaomi is present this time, but we hope they will be taking part in a future flash sales when we publish it, "he added.

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