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This Persib midfielder is not worried about the length of preparation before the Week 3 game


Persib player Bandung, Erwin Ramdani midfielder. (Eneng Reni Nuraisyah Jamil /

ARCAMANIK, AYOBANDUNG.COM– Persib must go through a long preparation to face the third week of the competition. Because the second week game which was due to take place on 23 May at Harupat Starling Stadium has changed to 18 June.

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Delaying the timetable for this battle as a result of the Panpel Persp game did not receive a safety recommendation from the Police. In practice, with the delay in the second week's schedule, Maung Bandung's squad now has about ten days to face the game on the third week against Semen Padang.

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However, Persib Bandung midfielder, Erwin Ramdani, admitted that he did not care about saturation because of the long preparation. Because he and his fellow members believe, the ranks of the coaches are able to form the right program to anticipate changes to the schedule.

A slightly larger training program may have changed. but Alberts trainer has more experience with situations like this. It changed to the inner game, Erwin said at the Arcamanik Stadium on Tuesday (5/21/2019).

Personally, the former PSM Medal faction also admitted that he focused on staring at the anti-Semen Padang game that will take place on Wednesday (05/29/2019). Even the 26-year-old confirmed that the Prince's squad was ready to work hard on the field to achieve the best performance this season.

I think the most important thing is that every player must have the will. "I also think that not all players are too far away, so we have to work hard 100 percent," he said.

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