Saturday , July 2 2022

This is the Worst Scenario of Android After Huawei is Torn Off


Jakarta – Following US government rules, Google restricts access to Android operating system on Huawei. This step is considered master for 'green robot'; the OS.

If the rule is enforced, Huawei is likely to rely on a home operating system. Well, it might be Huawei OS if it is launched correctly, it will also be supported by other Chinese sellers.

"There is potential to include Chinese government and its economic resources as well as other Android manufacturers from China. After the ZTE case and then, there is obviously China can't rely on the US for vital issues," he said. "Jesus wrote Diaz, a technology columnist for Tom's Guide."

"Companies like Xiaomi and Oppo can also move from Android before they are targeted by Trump too. It's not even crazy to expect other companies around the world to join in the effort," he added.

He argued that not all agree with the US statement that Huawei must be banned because it is considered a Chinese spy, especially as there is no strong evidence. The company there could also have turned off from Android.

Of course, that's the worst scenario, that a new OS will appear strong enough to fight Android that has been ahead of the game. It is very unlikely, but not impossible. Not just Android, Apple can also be hit.

"China is an important market for Apple. Huawei's smartphone with its own OS is a big step. It's not only hurting Apple sales in China, but it also takes the Android market," says Kenneth Rapoza o Forbes.

"Huawei can be the fault of China OS, the second or third option after Android and iOS for other Chinese manufacturers. Huawei has a secret weapon. Target Apple and Google," he said.

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