Sunday , August 14 2022

This is the fate of the Lion Air pilot which hit the Roomboy Hotel in Surabaya, following the facts


TRIBUNNEWS.COM, SURABAYA – The fate of Lion Air's pilot in the hotel room in Surabaya will be brought up in the article of persecution by Surabaya Polrestabes investigation team.

The latest update of this case, the police claim they have found evidence of victimization carried out by the Lion Air pilot.

In this article you can also listen to facts and chronology Lion Air pilot events to victimize hotel staff in Surabaya.

Destination Surabaya City Police (Polrestabes) raised the status of victimization cases conducted against initials Lion Air pilots by the level of investigation.

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"We have conducted the inquiry since the video of the victimization was distributed on social media," said Surabaya's Deputy Chief Executive, Police Chief Commissioner (AKBP) Leonardus Simarmata, told reporters in Surabaya on Saturday. (05/04/2019), as noted by from Antara's news agency.

In videos circulating on social media, PE pilots have seen several beats against La La Surabaya Hotel workers with the letters AR.

"Based on the viral video, we hit officers immediately to look at the location of the La Lisa Hotel and it was indeed true on April 30, 2019," he said.

Based on police investigations, the victimization was carried out by the PE pilot because the uniforms worn using hotel services were considered less tidy.

"Yesterday, a victim AR reported this case to the Surabaya Polrestabes. Then last night we made the case," Simarmata said.

According to the title of the case, Surabaya Polrestabes then raised the status of this victimization case at an inquiry, but the police had not yet decided on the PE pilot as a suspect.

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