Monday , June 27 2022

This is a Bitcoin appearance on WhatsApp


A few days ago the word spread worldwide, it is possible to send a Bitcoin deposit through WhatsApp. This feature has been powered by the Lite.Im made by Zulu Republic in Switzerland. Apart from Bitcoin, this feature supports other crypto assets, namely ZTX and ETH.

Given that the WhatsApp source code system is closed and managed by its parent company, that is FacebookThis new feature can be considered “sexual”, because the Facebook company of the highest caliber has an interest in hosting. This is also at the same time a little answer about the mystery of Facebook's participation in the crypto asset sector and technology of the blocks since last year.

Facebook is also mentioned by the media play international will make Facebook Coin (FBCs) The FBCoin price is estimated to be set at the price of one US dollar, commonly referred to in the community of crypto assets as t stable.

Another problem is the WhatsApp security aspect itself. Because, a few days ago, a fatal crack was revealed, where the hackers from Israel were able to get in to use spyware specifically for spying on victim devices.

Blockchainmedia also tried to try a Bitcoin feature on WhatsApp. The first impression must be received to be interesting, because in practice your WhatsApp can be used as a wallet (wallet) another crypto. That's exactly, because it runs through a popular chat application, of course the taste and the mood are different.

Lite.Im Bot is a type of bridge that connects WhatsApp to the system of the Republic of Zulu. So before you can receive and send Bitcoin on WhatsApp, then you have to have an account in Lite.Im.

If so, then Lite.Im on WhatsApp (ID number: +1 (786) 916-7825) will ask you to enter your Lite.lm account password to connect.

Once the password has been checked correctly, you will be asked to validate it again by entering the PIN sent via SMS, and then putting the password again.

Immediately, 7 main menus also appear, namely Send, Receive, Transactions, Export Guarantee, Settings, Instructions, Share and Win and Reward Awards. For the Admission menu, you allow access to the address (direction) Bitcoin, having a QR Code and changing available asset options.

An interesting feature here is a link, where users have the opportunity to win prizes in the form of Bitcoin if they invite new users to join. To access this, use the Share & Earn (6) option from the main menu.

Idly Blockchain Media also spreads the contact program and is fortunate to have "won" 0.000038 BTC (US $ 0.30). But, before you can claim it, you are required to enter a name, including the code sent to it e-mail You authenticate. Until the article is published, Blockchainmedia has not received the code in question. Curious? Try it yourself.[[[[veins]

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