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This Asteroid Golf Astronomy Nearby & Earth – VIVA


LIVE – This weekend the US Aeronautes and Space Agency or NASA warned that there were three large asteroids that approached the Earth. From the three space embodiments, the largest asteroid measuring up to 30 meters and overlooking the Earth on November 10, 2018. From the three asteroids, one asteroid is so close to Earth , even closer than the Moon.

Reported via page Mirror, Friday, November 9, 2018, the first asteroid that will go to Earth 2018 VSI. This asteroid will pass the Earth at 14:03 GMT or 21:30 WIB on November 10.

This asteroid has a size of 13-28 meters, the estimated height may be higher than the syrup. Fortunately, NASA estimates that the asteroid will be approximately 861,700 miles away from Earth.

After 16 minutes, the 2018VR1 asteroid will pass. This space rock has a width of up to 30 meters, fortunately this asteroid is 3.12 million miles away from Earth.

Finally, at 18:21 GMT on November 10 or 01:30 on November 11, 2018, it will cross 178 meters of the 201 meter wide which will also go through Earth.

It is estimated that this third asteroid will pass from a distance of 237,037 miles away from Earth. This distance is very close & # 39; To Earth, because the asteroid distance is closer to the nearest distance of the Moon to the Earth, 255,622 miles. Given that the distance is so close, NASA groups these asteroids such as passing so close.

"When they are the Sun orbit, sometimes objects near the Earth are also close to Earth. Note that objects near astronomy can be very distant in human terms, millions or even tens of millions of gilometers, "said NASA. (as)

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