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The Luxury House and Second Marriage Wedding at the Majestic Palace


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Carlos Ghosn Tokyo authorities were arrested after landing at Haneda Airport, Japan on Monday (19/11). Ghosn was arrested by local authorities with alleged abuse of authority based on an investigation by a automotive company Nissan the last few months.

Quote AFPOn Wednesday (11/21), the Japanese authorities said, as required, that Gosn was kept for up to 10 days to facilitate the investigation.

Gosn was arrested by the senior executive, Greg Kelly, for claiming he was committing financial crimes for years as stated in the official statement of Nissan. It was said that Nissan was the key to keeping Gosn.

Nissan also admitted that he would review the position of Ghosn, while Renault appointed the Senior Independent Director and the Chairman of the Accounts and the Philippe Lagayette Audit Committee as chairman and the company's full power would be managed by the Chief Officer Thierry Bollore Action.

In fact there was doubt about Magic & # 39; Spell at Nissan's camp for a long time until whistleblower blower & # 39; Finally, who informed Nissan's auditors to conduct a wider investigation.

Apart from the disorder between Nissan and Ghosn, a famous Japanese company Nissan has given Ghosn luxury. Finally, Ghosn received him $ 9.7 million (Rp141 billion) from Nissan financial year ends in March 2017.

Japanese Media NHK said Nissan had paid "huge sums" to facilitate luxury with luxury homes in Rio de Janeiro, Beirut, Paris and Amsterdam "without legitimate business reasons."

He also reported a number of media outside the Marie Antoinette fancy theme party in 2016. The party was made for the second marriage of Gosn, who has located in the magnificent Versailles palace.

As a result of this luxurious lifestyle, the man born in Port Velho, Brazil, on March 9, 1954, criticized criticism because of his impressive lifestyle and Japanese norms.

Director of Asian Studies at the Japanese Temple University Jeff Kingston said that "Ghosn" was a victim of his pride and his success. "

"I've trampled Japanese cultural norms in its fancy ways, and its great damages stimulate jealousy and invite an invitation," he said. AFP. (mic)

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