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Testify, Feby Febiola Reveals Vanessa Angel's Figure

VIVA – The hearing was held on the breach of the Electronic Information and Proceedings Law in relation to online prostitution and actress Vanessa Adzania aka Vanessa Angel (25 years) as defendant again at Surabaya District Court, East Java, on Thursday, May 23, 2019. witness friend of Vanessa, the pesinetron Feby Febiola.

The meeting was closed. After witnessing, Feby claimed that he was asked questions by the public prosecutor and the legal counsel about the life of Vanessa Angel. Feby expressed what he knew about his friend's figure.

Feby claimed he had given the true information about Vanessa. "I was asked what his son (Vanessa) was, does he have a permanent job, yes, I said that everyone knew he was playing soaps, also singing, and praising," Feby said.

Personally, Feby assessed the case that Vanessa's departure was full of irregularities. But it all gave enforcement officers the law. According to him, he was present to straighten and convey the truth.

"There are a lot of irregularities, but I speak from two sides, like a friend, I think this is not fair, as a woman feel that this is not the case." fair, the sentence has been imprisoned, being treated as a major time offender, I don't think I have the heart, "Feby said.

Hopefully Vanessa's case will soon be finished so that her friend will return to normal life. "As a friend, Vanessa wants her to be free soon, as she is so sorry that she is being imprisoned, a lot of time is taken away, not yet the people who have been at stake, so how will she live out of prison, "she said.

Vanessa's legal counsel, Milan Lubis, other than Feby, was another witness presented at the hearing as an assistant to Vanessa of the name Ana. The specialists contacted were not present. Menuru Milano, Feby's evidence, greatly relieved his client, noting the prosecutor's payments that his client had asked for a job ordering out on a date for pimps.

"(Feby Febiola) Explains that Vanessa works as an artist, has many soaps, and has online businesses, so we dismissed Vanessa's work as negative," Milano said.

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