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Spreading the HIV Virus through the Sprays to 90 People have Infected, Doctors in Pakistan Protected t


Spreading the HIV Virus through the Sprays to 90 People have Infected, Doctors in Pakistan Protected t

TRIBUN-BALI.COM, KARACHI – The cause of the HIV virus has alarmed Pakistan when more than 90 people have been infected through syringes.

A report from AFP news agency on Friday (05/03/2019), around 65 people were children.

The authorities have now secured a doctor.

"We arrested a doctor after receiving a report from the health authority," said Chief Officer of Police Lakarna City Kamran Nawaz.

"It was reported that the doctor also had HIV," he added.

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After going through the inspection process, it was found that dozens of people were contracting a disease that disrupted the body's ability to fight the infection.

"More than 90 people have experienced positive about HIV and the number of children is around 65," said the health officer, Dr. Jones. Abdul Rehaman.

Authorities said the investigation thought the virus came from a doctor who used contaminated needles for their patients.

Health Minister Sindh Province, Azra Pechuho, confirmed the doctor's arrest.

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"The blood of the parents of infected children was also tested but the results were negative," he said.

Since then, the government has launched a comprehensive exploration and social effort for the public.

Pakistan is considered a country with low incidence of HIV.

However, the virus is growing among injecting drug users, sex workers and migrants returning from the Gulf region. (KOMPAS.com/Veronika Yasinta)

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