Saturday , November 28 2020

Sleeping Sleepers The Break After Interesting Relationships, Can Accelerate Pregnancy

JAKARTA – There are many ways to get pregnant quickly that a spouse can take. However, is it really that a sleep situation with her feet is charged after sex effectively? You may have heard a whiskey of neighbors that says that sleeping on your back by raising both legs after having sex can accelerate pregnancy. For example, it is thought that this sleeping situation encourages sperm to swim faster to reach the egg. Before being tempted to try it, consider the first explanation of medical glasses for how to get pregnant.Sleeping with her feet raised after having sex, is it really the right way of getting pregnant? Following is the presentation of Hellosehat. Those who agree to argue that raising your legs when you sleep when placing a pillow under your hips during sleeping will help to encourage sperm to swim faster to the egg. It is considered that this sleeping situation helps to combat the severity of the ground so that semen does not come out of the vagina after penetration. Even scientific research can not even prove this assumption. Remove semen or suction when ogasm men are very fast, up to 45 kilometers per hour and can be shot half a meter in the air. However, the quality of the cell sperm itself and endocrine hormones affect the sperm that is quick to the eggs. However, some health experts argue that there is nothing with you trying this unique, fast-paced pregnancy method. After reporting by a Really Family, researchers found that sleeping women lie with their feet rising for 15 minutes after having a chance of 27% higher than get pregnant after three oval rings. Sperm is suddenly faster, higher than your chances of getting pregnancy fast. In order to pass the cervix mucus and fertilizer, sperm cells must be able to swim at a minimum velocity of 25 micrometers per second. Sperm cells that are less viable and viable contribute 10% of the number of cases of difficult men to get children. There are many things that can slowly cause sperm movement so that men are hard to get children. These include test infections, testic cancer, the test does not go down, to smoking habits and using marijuana or cocaine. To find out if your sperm quality is good, you can do sperm analysis tests to detect any fertility problems or not. is, know when there is a fertile woman's period. To get pregnancy quickly, you have to have sex at the right time so that sperm can meet the egg. Eggs will be released when the woman goes into a fertile period. Egg release usually occurs only once a month and the fruitful period only occurs for several days. If you do not know when the fruitful period is, you may be more difficult to get pregnant although you have a lot of intercourse. Prospective mothers also need to ensure the health and preparation of nutrients needed for fetal growth later on. For example, achieve folate foods and eat foods that increase fertility.***

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