Monday , July 4 2022

Singapore Company Launches Cigarette Recycling Cabin


In other news, three Dawnus Thang Long Middle School students in Da Lat City, Vietnam were able to find an air purifier bike.

The findings of the three high school students from Viet Nam News were published in early April, after spending six months running a number of experiments.

Air purifiers are installed in the bike bars, with air filters and batteries, noting BBC News. In the device there is a filter that uses three layers of cotton and carbon cloth to activate it to hold dust.

The filter in question has been connected to a small fan that has been placed on both sides of the front bike wheel that is connected to the armed.

The way air carriers work is quite simple. The device blew clean air into the rider's face.

According to the test results, the device can filter the air effectively. Vietnam environmental authority said that the device can filter up to 86% of dust and 63% of nitrogen oxide.

The team of inventors also said they would produce filters in the near future for electric bike types.

"In the near future, we will produce filters of this type for electric bikes, which will contribute to protecting public health and the environment," said Cao Thị Khanh Hoa, one of the r t three inventors.

Not only that, the three are committed to using recycled materials when making devices. As well as maintaining the environment, it can reduce production costs.

The physics teacher at their school, Pham Gia Sam, feels proud. He was sure that his students' perceptions were reliable.

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