Saturday , January 23 2021

READY! Love Bonds Will Make Paper, Aldebaran Shame But Want In The Bedroom

SHARE THE NEWS – Ikatan Cinta soap opera lovers, get ready to watch the latest episode of tonight’s latest.

This time Andin felt deeply ashamed of Aldebaran in the bedroom.

The soap opera Ikatan Cinta, which aired on RCTI and starred Arya Saloka as Aldebaran and Amanda Manopo as Andin, captivated the hearts of Indonesian viewers.

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Through his acting that touched viewers’ hearts, Ikatan Cinta achieved a high score in every episode of his broadcast.

Other stars who played in the Bond of Love include Evan Sanders as Nino, Glenca Chysara Glenca Chysara as Elsa and several other talented players who received quite a positive response from the Indonesian people.

Tonight, the RCTI Love Society reported that Al was caught lovingly telling Andin in the bedroom.

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Aldebaran looked at his wife with feeling and affection.

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