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Raise awareness of early breast cancer detection


Jakarta (Antara) – Women need to raise awareness in order to detect breast cancer early given that the disease is first in Indonesia, of all types of cancer.

"The more cancer is found, the more painful it will be during the treatment, the effect will be even more serious," said Dr Inez Nimpuno who survives cancer while talking in the show Talk "The Millennium Age Goals: The Importance of Detection and Repair of Cancer Care Systems" organized by the Millennials Goes Pink (MGP) Foundation with the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX), at IDX Building, Jakarta, Thursday.

To that end, efforts to campaign for the importance of raising awareness of early detection of cancer hazards, including breast cancer throughout Indonesia, must continue.

Inez said, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) projection, in 2020-2030, as many as 70 per cent of new cancer cases will occur in poorer countries.

In addition, most people with new cancer will seek treatment when they enter a higher step. When the cancer has spread to many other organs at that stage.

Therefore, awareness of early detection is considered to be very important in reducing the cancer gap globally, especially among Indonesian women.

According to him, there are many challenges and problems in the cancer treatment system in Indonesia. One of them is the problem of accessing cancer therapy services is still the best. Starting from early discovery that it has not set up, difficulties in health facilities, a shortage of drugs, until a patient's or her patients have consulted or treated at the moment.

"This cancer requires expertise very high, and sometimes doctors and equipment are not enough," he added.

Besides that, it continued, standardization on the implementation of cancer services was not always good enough. "So people are still looking for them second opinion, "Said Inez.

He said that treating cancer was quite expensive. Not only for patients, but also enough to load the country, through the BPJS system.

Having mentioned, the cost of cancer services spends around 17 per cent of all national health insurance costs. In the meantime, for the financing of cancer drugs, it reaches 43 per cent of all drug expenditure for each disease. Until 2017, it was recorded that the state spent IDB 2.8 trillion for BPJS cancer therapy.

"So we can not rely on BPJS, so early prevention and detection are very necessary," he said.

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