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Prediction of PSMS vs. Madura United: Moments to Save Yourself

[ad_1] – Toward Madura United, the internal conditions of the PSMS Medan are in less than ideal condition The fitness of foreign players who are not in a state of fighting. This is clearly an obstacle for PSMS to take advantage of three points.

In the pre-game training session, Shohei Matsunaga and Felipe dos Santos Martins saw only lightweight training. Both make separate exercises of the other squad.

"For Madurese opponents, both of them may go down, but I do not want them to come into contact with other players in training. More importantly, they have to keep conditions because we have many games, "said Peter Butler, PSMS coach.

mature unified
Madura United is determined to raise despite appearing at home to PSAN Medan. (Twitter Madura United)

Butler added, "Philip has a problem but it's fine. I do not want to take the risk of taking part in training with high speed and make the situation more destructive."

Although in a less than ideal condition, Butler still hopes that his squad can show the greatest performance. As a pan wears Persi Bandung. The performance is expected to appear again at Madura United entertainment on Saturday (11/17) in the afternoon.

"He must continue to be optimistic and sure to play with a high spirit and try to stimulate this audience to help PSMS get three points," said Butler.

Although Madura United can not get into full force. Alfath Fathier, defender of the Mainay wing, is still on duty to defend the national team of Indonesia in the AFF Cup 2018. Like the central defenseist of Mudrudin Aryanto.

In addition, the official field trial program at the Exemplary Stadium could not be held on Friday (11/16) by the Sape Kerrab Warriors. Heavy rain that squeezed the city of Medan and its surroundings has made conditions and the field ideally to be a training area.

However, Gomes de Oliviera's coach did not want his squad to be faulty. He continues to stimulate Bayu Gatra and his friends to perform best and achieve positive results. "We have to return straight to positive performance," said Gomes de Oliviera.

For Madura United, whatever the results of this game do not affect their status as League participants 1. However, for PSMS it is very essential. Three extra points can help them escape from the red zone. At least, try not slip back to League 2.

Meetings 5
07-08-18: Madura United 1-0 PSMS
2/22/09: PSMS 0-1 Madura United
8/8/08: Madura United 1-2 PSMS
8/22/07: Madura United 2-0 PSMS 04-17 / 07: PSMS 1-1 Madura United

The 5 Last PSMS Games
11/11/18: Persib 0-1 PSMS
03/11/18: PSMS 3-2 Borneo
10/28/18: PSMS Arema 5-0
10/23/18: PSMS 1-3 Miter Kukar
10/18/18: Sriwijaya 0-3 PSMS

5 Madura United final games
11/11/18: Madura United 1-2 Bhayangkara
11/18/18: Bali United 2-0 Madura United
10/29/18: Madura United 3-0 PSM
10/25/18: Persebaya Surabaya 4-0 Madura United
10/18/2012: Madura United 2-2 Persistent

Estimate the players' composition
PSMS (4-4-2): Abdul Rohim; Roni Fatahilah, Alexandros Tanidis, Reinaldo Lobo, Gusti Sandria; Rachmat Hidayat, Abdul Aziz, Legimin Raharjo, Fredyan Wahyu;
Shohei Matsunaga, Felipe
Trainer: Peter Butler

Madura United (4-4-2): Satria Tama; Munhar, Fabiano Beltrame, Guntur Ariyadi, Rendika Rama; Milad Zeneyedpour, Asep Berlian, Rizki Dwi; Zah Rahan, Mahamadou Samassa, Bayu Gatra
Trainer: Gomes de Oliviera

PSMS earns: 45%
Mature wins: 35%
Photo: 20%

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