Sunday , January 17 2021

Physician Ladysta apologized for Syahrini who is now the wife of Ex Luna Maya, Reino Barack, Unraveled Motives

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Sad Ladysta sadly dismantled Syahrini's relationship which is now the wife of former lover Luna Maya, Reino Barack, with Pak Haji's figure appearing.

Yes, Lia Ladysta's sword and also the name of the Wolves 3 claimed that they were worried and wrong when talking about Syahrini, Reino Barack's wife.

Phys Ladysta's comments appeared about the alleged special relationship between Luna Maya's friend; Syahrini and a coal businessman figure in Kalimantan South of the name Pak Haji justifies your mouth's disarmament of your tiger.

As is known, Syahrini reported about Ladysta because of his words.

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One of the Lad Ladesta statements was considered a guest star on a television program, (3/14), contradicting the singer Syahrini.

In the TV program, Lia Ladysta revealed that Syahrini had a relationship with a Banjarmasin businessman who was often called Pak Haji.

Later, Lad Ladysta regretted the words that really meant nothing.

When she became a Lia Ladysta viral statement which led to her being reported to the police, it seemed that she only left a slip.

This was revealed when Lia Ladysta was invited as a guest star on the Morning Show, Trans 7.

"What I am curious about is this, actually if Mpok Lia has said this himself too, yes, because he just mentioned it without any intention," he said.

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