Thursday , January 20 2022

Other Barcelona Lionel Messi Clubs can be Damaged


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Barcelona had been defeated during the 12th week of La Spain League 2018/2019 from Real Betis 3-4 at the Camp Nou Stadium, Sunday (11/11).

Barcelona Assault Lionel Messi, not necessarily disappointing. The Argentine national team player is in fact still being defeated by another team in La Liga Spanish.

"Of course, it's good if the league is tight and competitive this season. There's nothing easy and other teams can beat their opponents."

"I hope that it will continue so well for every player. I hope to benefit from the teams that face us," Messi was quoted The United States.

Barcelonai Messi Lega can be victimized by Other ClubsLionel Messi scored two goals, but Real Madrid lost 3 to Real Betis. (REUTERS / Albert Gea)

Messi again appeared to defend Barcelona after recovering from an arm's injury. However, the Blaugrana defeated Real Betis when La Pulga played the team.

The defeat was the second time Barca was in La Liga Spanish after losing 1-2 to Leganes on September 26. At that time Messi also seemed to defend Azulgrana.

Although Barca lost, Messi continued to score goals in La Liga Spanish. He scored two goals against Real Betis and the Blaugrana did not get beaten.

The 31-year-old player was optimistic that he could continue to have a good performance after having an injury on a arm. He fell in such a way when there was a membalanya team against Sevilla. As a result, Messi suffered an injury on a arm.

La Pulga did not deny that he had been traumatic to fall again and suffer serious injury.

"I'm really feeling I'm worried about falling again at the beginning [saat bertanding melawan Real Betis], "Messi said.

"But when the game lasted, I started to calm down. I'm very determined to return to the field." (bac)

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