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"Net" net children who have MR immunization


Pekanbaru (ANTARA News) – Riau Health Service will recruit children between nine months and 15 years who have not received measles-rubella immunization (Rubella & Frech goch/ MR) to ensure that all children in the area are protected from measles with measles and rubella.

"We have asked areas / cities sweeping "Children aged nine and 15 years old can be immunized in a crowded center as a center," said Head of Health Service, Mimi Yuliani Nazir at Antara in Pekanbaru on Monday.

Mimi explained that the step was taken because the MR Ratio immunization service was only 42 per cent, still far from the target of the centralized immunization program set by central government at 95 per cent, although the vaccination had & # 39; to extend twice. The immunization was extended on August 1st until October 31, and then extended again on November 1st until December 31.

"Then you will see a 40% immunization increase now. We are trying sweeping to follow the 95 percent target, "said Mimi.

The Provincial Health Office asks the health office at the area and city level to make the most possible efforts by implementing different strategies to hold children between nine months and 15 years after MR immunization.

"For example, in Pekanbaru it can be done in activities Free Car Day (CFD) or flats. Or in the context of the National Health Day, "he added, exemplifying.

He said that MR's immunization coverage in the Riau area was still low, among others, because many parents still refused their children to be immunized following the controversial product about MR halal products used in the immunization program.

"So the time we get will give the public an understanding and information about the risk if children are not vaccinated against MR vaccines," he said.

He appealed to residents not to discuss the issue of the vaccine halal since the Ulema Indonesian Council published fattery No. 30 of 2018 stating that MR vaccination could be given to children nine months to 15 years.

"So people do not need to be afraid any more. Really, if they do not immunize children, they are asked to have a negative effect on the health of pregnant women due to MR virus infection," said Mimi.

Infectious diseases that are transmitted through the respiratory pathways caused by viruses are measles and rubella.

Measles can cause severe complications such as diarrhea, pneumonia (pneumonia), meningitis (encephalitis), blindness and even death. Although rubella usually causes mild illness in children, but if infected pregnant women during an early pregnancy can cause obesity or disability in babies born. Disabilities known as Rubella Congenital Syndrome include heart and eye abnormalities, deafness and developmental delays.

MR is now considered to be the most effective way of preventing infections with viruses and measles and rubella.

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