Wednesday , September 28 2022

Neb Dewi Perssik Rejects from Artist, Netizens Compact Creating Petitions


After experiencing obligations in various media, Dewi Perssik and hermit, Rosa Meldianti (Meldi) are now in the public lighting. One of the reactions that the public gave to his mother's mother and his appearance was the appearance of petitions made by netizens online. The online petition included Meldi's refusal to become an artist in the country because he was considered to have a poor influence on the generation due to the fake that happened with former wife Saipul Jamil.

In addition, the petition released by also mentions how far the public feels disturbed by the fact that the news is being highlighted by Meldi who is, It justifies any way to become an artist in the capital. In fact, the public believed Meldi was still giving statements that led to hate speeches in this conflict.

"The professional dangerous performer, Dewi Perssik who sponsored, Rosa Meldianti. With the basis of the Rosa Meldianti (Meldy) problem that justifies any means of becoming an artist, including in a way that is not approved, extreme and difficult to attack Dewi Perssik with verbal abuse, shame , and even spread speech speech"

"Where we are deemed to have a NEED ASSOCIATED & # 39; sent him to Dewi Perssik (the honor of Dr. Meldy) who was clearly trying to orbit Meldy, help the Meldy family, and meet the needs and family of Meldy, "Said the content of the petition, saw on Sunday (11/11/2018).

The person who made the petition also questioned what would happen if someone like Meldi became an artist and then by the younger generation. Until this news was written, more than 18,600 people signed the meeting. This number is very large and requires attention from management artists in the country.

"WE ARE USE OF ROSA MELDIANTI (MELDY) SIGNED IN TRAVEL AND INCLUDING THE ARTISTS AND THIS. What happens if MELDY becomes Riwi's artist and soul to enter TV? The younger generation might imitate Meldy's behavior. Moreover, Meldy's way is not good. Deleting everything means being an artist hurting her aunt, with stomach, sweeping, and accusations that are unreasonable, "Continue to include the petition.

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