Friday , June 24 2022

NASA wishes Land Mars Plans on Mars


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JAKARTA, – NASA plans to clean a spacecraft on the Martian plain. In the scheme, NASA will be reporting more about the planet and measuring the earthquake on Mars for the first time.

Reports from the Metro page, Thursday (11/15/2018) NASA spacecraft will expire on 16 November and the space agency intends to broadcast the program directly. To be precisely, this will be land on a flat flat flat near the planetary equator of the name Elysium Planitia. Scientists want to study Mars in an attempt to reveal secrets of ancient history.

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In addition, scientists are hoping to see a dozen earthquakes to 100 Mars during the mission, producing data that will help them find the depth, density and core composition of the planet, the surrounding rocky mantle and & # 39 ; to topmost layers. "The knowledge that we want to do with this mission is the science of understanding the history of the solar system," added Bruce Banerdt, chief investigator at InSight.

In addition, foreigners claimed to be a walled city & # 39; in Elysium Planitia and UFO fall. This image is considered evidence of walled cities & # 39; on the Mars But the truth about the plain Martian seems to be more wild than fiction.

The European Space Agency (ESA) detected signs of freezing & # 39; which is almost as large as the North Sea.

"The water that forms the sea appears to fall under the surface of Mars, and it has come out through a series of shortcomings of the name Cerberus Fossae, from where & # 39; n flooding, "wrote the ESA in 2005. (*)

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