Thursday , September 16 2021

MUI Reveals Minister of Social Affairs Juliari Can Be Sentenced to Death

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JAKARTA – Suspected bribery involving social assistance ( Bansos) COVID-19 for the Jabodetabek 2020 area held by the Minister for Social Affairs ( Minister for Social Affairs) Juliari Batubara it caught the attention of many parties. This time, the Deputy Secretary General of the Ulema Council of Indonesia ( MUI ) in the field of Law, Ikhsan Abdullah spoke.

“We appreciate the KPK for its meticulous and courageous efforts. Social Minister Juliari Batubara could face the death penalty for committing corruption when the country is at risk of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Ikhsan Abdullah in a written statement on Sunday (12/6/2020). (Also read: Bribes for Social Assistance COVID-19, Social Affairs Minister Juliari Appropriately Sentenced to Death)

Ikhsan is of the opinion that Juliari Batubara may be suspected of violation of Law (UU) No. 31 of 1999 on the Elimination of Corruption as amended by Law No. 20 of 2001 on Amendments to the Law on the Elimination of Corruption in conjunction with Article 55 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code.

“We greatly appreciate KPK’s efforts on OTT towards several officials in the Ministry of Social Affairs. This is very precise and courageous hard work,” he said.

MUI Reveals Minister of Social Affairs Juliari Can Be Sentenced to Death

He continued that the public must appreciate the KPK in eliminating corruption. “Apart from being punished by the death penalty, for committing acts of corruption when the country is in a state of crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic and also committing crimes to humanity when the community fights the deadly danger of a virus Corona, Juliari Batubara is corrupting social support, ”he explained. (Also read: DPR Commission VIII Chairman Praises Social Affairs Minister Juliari Batubara for Patience and Tolerance)

In addition, he considered that the arrest of Juliari Batubara by the KPK was proof of the Jokowi-Ma’ruf Amin administration’s commitment in indiscriminate elimination of corruption. Known, the KPK has named Juliari Batubara as a suspect in a COVID-19 social assistance (Bansos) bribery case for the Jabodetabek 2020 area.


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