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Ministry of Industry Establishes Class IKM in Digital Age – FAJAR –


FAJAR.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The Ministry of Industry continues to stimulate small and medium-sized enterprises (IKM) to move up to the class, by using the latest technology so that it can give boosting an income further.

For example, invite to join the IKM e-Smart program aimed at increasing market access through internet and internet facilities.

"In the digital economy, one of the strategic steps that SMIs need to be easy to market is in line with the implementation of the Making Indonesia 4.0 map," said Airlangga's Minister of Industry Hartarto through its statement Jakarta, Tuesday (11/20).

Airlangga conveyed this when visiting Dayang Songket in IKM weaving in Sambas District, West Kalimantan.

The Minister of Industry explained that during the industrial revolution 4.0, IKM did not have to have a shop or shop at the center. At present, they can enter e-commerce platforms and their products are sold through network distribution.

"This to empower IKM is going on, because the key to the 4.0 industry is to increase productivity," he said.

Airlangga values ​​the national IKM players that have been able to penetrate the export market because the products they produce are varied and high quality.

For example, IKM Dayang Songket promoting the typical Sambas song cloth is indispensable for different exhibitions abroad such as Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Japan and Belgium.

"This IKM has received an Upakarti award from the Ministry of Industry, Quality is improving. We will continue to encourage this IKM to be improved, which can be competitive in the international market," says the Minister for Industry.

General Director IKM of the Ministry of Industry, Gati Wibawaningsih, said he was inviting domestic IKM players intensively to be part of the e-Smart IKM program.

From October 2018, there were 4,000 participants who had participated in IKM e-Smart with a total turnover of Rp1.3 billion.

"The Ministry of Industry started this e-commerce platform of the e-Smart IKM name as a government effort to build an IKM database system that is integrated through a number of existing markets in Indonesia," he explained .

According to Gati, the IKM e-Smart program launched since 2017 has operated in 22 provinces including five organizations, namely Indonesia, BNI, Google, IDEA and the Ministry of Communication and Information . Besides that, he works with provincial, city and district governments.

"The IKM e-Smart program has also worked with markets such as Bukalapak, Tokopedia, Shopee, BliBli,, Ralali, and Gojek Indonesia," says Gati.

The nine products focus on developing in the e-Smart program program IKM, food and beverages, metals, jewelry, herbs, cosmetics, fashion, crafts, furniture and other creative industries.

Imthi Hani, or well-known Dayang, wholesaler of Dayang Songket IKM, said he had thanked the government, especially the Ministry of Industry, to support the development of IKM weaving.

Hopefully, with the IKM e-Smart program initiated by the Ministry of Industry, can stimulate the productivity and quality of its products.

"Our leading product is the typical Sambas weaving fabric. We also produce a seat pillow, scarf, clothing, women's sandals, skullcaps, prayer bags, women's bags, wallets, and cell phones from the Sambas song fabric. The government guaranteed that raw materials are available so that we can continue to produce, "he said. (Ant)

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