Sunday , June 20 2021

Many regions including Babel have announced the value of participants who pass pass rates, check your competitive scores

BANGKAPOS.COM – The following are the results of SKD CPNS 2018 tests in several regions throughout Indonesia, starting from Central Java, East Java, Makassar to Maluku and Bangka Belitung.

Knowing the SKD SKNS 2018 test results, you can also estimate your competitor's score or score.

If the National Chancellor decides on the site system, you can predict.

The SKD CPNS 2018 discussions pass grade tests that are being replaced by a site system still under discussion.

Before you know about SKD SKNS 2018 test results, you need to understand how the ranking system is first.

Site System

Selected participants who do not pass pass grade will be listed according to the scores obtained.

In addition, the participants will be set with the highest score although they would not reach the pass rate.

"Then we make the site there. How many people are loud and loud, to fill out the empty formats."

"That does not reduce the degree passed. That means we do not reduce the quality of civil servants," says Head BKN Bima Haria Wibisana on Friday (11/16/2018).

This process is waiting for the number of participants who passed the pass grade in SKD.

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