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Luna Maya Faints During Live Broadcast, Ruben and Raffi Live


Eko replied that Luna Maya collapsed during a live guide.

Dream – Luna Maya faints while leading a living way with two of her colleagues, Raffi Ahmad and Ruben Onsu. In the video footage of Luna Maya's fanbase account, the Bali woman seemed to get help.

Luna looks limp in one of the rooms. Ruben and Raffi looked anxious about his colleague's condition.

Raffi was seen trying to water Luna. Nagita Slavina's husband suspected that Luna's stomach acid had risen again.

Although Ruben had time to ask whether or not Luna experienced breathlessness.

"Soon, kak @unamaya,"wrote the video, quoted by Drea, m, Tuesday, May 21, 2019.

    Luna Maya laughed

The comments from Warganet were immediately overcrowded. They wanted the former Reino Barack girlfriend to quickly improve.

"Very soon, Luna aamiin," write an account @titinfentin.

"Protect the moon, god, I can not steal it," write an account @ gibransay6.

"Fast, beautiful and healthy, pp. Rest fresh. I send you a prayer. Dear," write an account @ asihsetyaningrum68.

Arising from Eko Patrio's statement, she uploaded Luna Maya's curhatan video at the time make-up. in the video sounds Luna says she is actually sick.

    Luna Maya laughed

"I'm sick again," said Luna Maya.

From the video, Eko realized that May Luna had collapsed but in fact he didn't feel good.

"He ruined before he ventured out if he was ill again @unamaya,"" Eko wrote Patrio.

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