Sunday , June 26 2022

If there are shots of sharp bullets, definitely not by the police and the army


JAKARTA, – Head of Public Relations Division of the National Police ensured that Indonesia National Police and TNI personnel secured demonstrations as a result of the 2019 election re-run on Wednesday (5/22/2019), without having live bullets.

This, Iqbal said, was a direct instruction from Chief Officer of Police and TNI Commander to all officers who secured the demonstration.

So he assured that if he shot with live bullets during a demonstration, he could be found that the National Police and the TNI did not.

"If there is shooting with live bullets tomorrow, it can be found that our forces are not TNI and Polri," Iqbal said at the Ministry of Coordination of Politics, Law and Security, Jakarta, Tuesday (05/21 / 2019).

Iqbal revealed that there were signs of demonstrations of rejection of the 2019 Election recalculation results ridden by stowaways who wanted the action to be unreasonable. He therefore urged that the community should not have to go to the streets.

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He also reminded the protest forces to reject the results of the 2019 Election restatement not to implement arbitrarily.

In addition, the former Surabaya Kapolrestabes asked the exhibitors not to carry sharp weapons and Molotov cocktails. Because the National Police had arrested the protesters who were about to leave for Jakarta but carried Molotov cocktails.

"The principle is that public opinion is not absolute. Restrictions in law No 9 of 1998 Article 6. There are various restrictions there," Iqbal continued.

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