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Identify Conflicting Light Effects for Body Health


Please be grateful if you have been sleeping with lights that are dead or dark.

Are you the kind of person who likes to sleep with the lights on? Or not able to sleep with bright light? If you are the type of person who likes to sleep with the lights on, you should know better the adverse effects later.

Be grateful if you have been sleeping with lights that are dead or sleeping in a dark atmosphere. Apart from being able to save more on electricity costs, it is also better for health.

Although there are many different types of lighting that are good for health, so bright blue lights during the day can increase concentration and calm the mind. However, unlike if you turn it on at night, it will interfere with health.

According to research results from experts, sleeping at night with the lights on can cause health problems such as obesity, mental depression, and even worse, cancer.

Surely you want this to happen? So it's better to get used to sleeping with a dark atmosphere or at least with minimum light intensity.

Come on, let's see what the ill effects of light for body health are: t

1. Obesity or Obesity Event


Many people assume that obesity occurs because of eating too much or never practicing. However, after being examined for other obesity factors, it is caused by sleeping with light on. The effect of the nighttime light during sleep is what changes your eating pattern so you will find it difficult to control food. This causes the body weight to rise dramatically.

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2. Increased depression


According to the results of the study, sleeping with the lights on will cause physiological changes to the body. This will lead to changes in certain conditions in the brain and eventually lead to depression. However, for this effect the experts are still investigating.

3. Interrupt the Reproduction System


Sometimes people work with change shift more susceptible to reproductive health problems. Why? As people usually have parts shift night will be more open to night lights.

Certainly, this is not good for the health of the reproductive system. Especially if you're a woman. Work shift this night will then interfere with the menstrual cycle. In addition, sleep time will begin to be impaired until you feel weak, not fresh when you wake up in the morning.

4. Growth of Cancer Cells


Light at night can also wake up cancer cells. This is one of the causes of the growth of prostate cancer cells in men and breast cancer cells in women. So you need to think again if you want to sleep with the lights on at night.

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Tips for Sleep Safer and Healthy

  • Make sure you switch off all light sources one hour before bedtime. Light sources can be from computers, televisions, mobile phones, and other equipment. This will reduce the radiation emitted by the light source.
  • If you are accustomed to using light sleep, you should choose to sleep light with a slightly darker color or faded like dark red, which is believed to have the lowest effect of comparison with other colors.
  • If you are still exposed to light from outside the room, you can use an eye piece as a barrier to light that is going into the eye t .
  • Never turn the lights suddenly at night when you wake up at night. If you want to drink water or go to the bathroom, you can use a lamp with dimming light intensity.
  • If you are forced to work at night, you should rest well in the afternoon so that the body is not weak during the work. Even better when resting during the day, try the room in dark conditions. If light is still coming in, you can use an eye piece.
  • It is important for those working with bright lights during the day to help get quality sleep at night.
  • For those who fear the darkness, you should consult and do therapy to overcome phobias against darkness. This is in your best interests later on.

Sleeping in the dark is not bad for ever

It is very dangerous not the effect of the light. Apart from the many advantages, there are also many effects that can be obtained if you are not using it well. So we can be sure that sleeping in the dark is not always bad, it's good for health.

Let's start getting used to sleeping without lights.

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